Well Hello there

It’s been a little while since I last posted, I have stopped counting the weeks now but I know it’s been a few. Nothing major to report just thought I would fill your feed with some light hearted tittle tattle!

A lot of people have been asking about Grandma and Pappi (aka John and Joan). I am starting to worry that some are thinking that we have buried them under a patio so just to reassure you I have included a picture taken yesterday. As you can see they are still smiling away however the desperate times have turned them to gambling, quite the card sharks.

Yesterday saw Tom clock up another year, and no he wasn’t 21 again. We thought it would be a nice idea to mark the occasion with a family BBQ. Having spent too much time slurping sherberts in the sunshine in the afternoon Tom decided he would add a little risk to his day by BBQing in the thunder and lightening under an umbrella.

And back to the shop where our wonderful, dedicated staff and marvellous local suppliers continue to beaver away to keep our little store running and stocked up with goods. The fabulous weather challenged all of us by pushing demand through the roof, I don’t think Dave Green will ever eat a sausage again!! Thank you to all of you, my staff, Greens, Rowlands, Mark Ascroft, The Food Shop and Cottage Loaf, I know you all work your little socks off and it is hugely appreciated.

Lastly, to you all out there who have really got behind your local shop over the last while. It’s been tough for everyone for many different reasons but still you laugh, you joke, you send us treats and we thank you.


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